Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I promised something different today ...some of you guessed I might be off to the Big City (NYC), but here I am in the wilds of Connecticut!  Yep, it's Hubs' last race of the season and this wonderful historic racetrack, Limerock.  And I had to come - armed with a pair of noise canceling headphones to protect my hearing ear.

Today's photo is my first attempt at panning with a very slow shutter speed (1/40).  The lead car is Patrick, Hubs racing partner and that is Hubs in his tail in the blue car.  Approximately 2 seconds later Patrick spun out and the black car got hit.  Fixable but not this weekend.   But that's racing.  No one got hurt and the car can be fixed.  Hubs main race is tomorrow so you may see a better photo.  This panning thing isn't as easy as it sounded!


Technical details:  Nikon D600 with Nikon 28-300 zoom.  1/30, F/16, ISO 220, focal length 122mm, handheld while panning.  Cars moving at about 60-70 MPH through a series of turns inclining.

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