The Love Child Chronicles

By lovechild

Rose Red

Roses have held significance in history for thousands of years. They were even used in the tombs of Ancient Egypt, and were the symbol of the God Horus. Red roses are often associated with love, but are also used to say, "Congratulations!"

This beautiful single stem was given to my daughter by her high school, to carry with her as she marched in the graduation procession to receive her diploma. It's perfection demanded my attention, so I decided to feature it as my "Blip" of the day.

My mother loved roses, and I remember how happy she would get whenever anyone sent them to her. Years after my father died, I remember always making a point to send her roses on special occasions.

As for me, I prefer to grow roses rather than receive them as a gift. It seems like such a waste to me. For many years, I had roses in my front yard in Illinois. My favorite was a yellow and orange variety, which smelled wonderful, and produced huge blooms each year.

Teacup roses are not easy to grow, and are susceptible to black spots, bugs, and fungus. Whenever I see a garden with beautiful roses, I know that the owner has the special gift required to cultivate them. It is humbling to think you are doing a great job with your blooms, only to wake the next morning and find them covered in spots, or full of holes.

Most commercial roses never open, but this one did, and it is even more beautiful this evening than when I snapped this photo this afternoon. You can almost smell it, can't you?

A single red rose. Simple, pure beauty. A symbol of love and accomplishment.

Layers of velvety soft richness, unfolding bit by bit, like the days of one's life. A new memory made, a young life ready to blossom into the adult world.

Much more than just another red flower.

Isn't it?

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