Leo has been feeling sorry for himself but finally perked up at lunchtime. He asked if we could have a lunch celebration to mark the occasion. So a good old mini malt loaf got pressed into action at the last minute, we lit him up and all donned hats and sang " Happy Feeling Better Day to you!"

Having said that all he could eat was a Yorkshire Pud, he then eyed up everyone else's food so we all donated potatoes and veg to fill him up. His appetite was definitely back!

He made me laugh by telling me I looked like 'a kind of hip unicorn' because I put my hat on at a jaunty angle. Can't say I have ever been called that before.

As Leo has been under the weather we haven't done much else. I have been on a mad washing spree as the weather is about to change - that'll save wet loads of washing hanging about in the week.

I popped out for an hour with mum to pick up a dress for my sister. She is doing her Canadian citizenship exam next week and will then have to go to a swearing in. She had spotted just the right frock for the occasion so we got it ordered ready to ship across to her. Ian was out for a golf lesson so we left big Leonard ( my Dad) in charge of little Leo since we didn't want to risk him out and about with a dodgy tum. They had lots of fun whiling the hour away with a few rounds of darts in the garage.

The weekend has whizzed by again!

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