Flower .........

 ........ Friday ... number 9. 
(it being the 9th of the month).

Please tag accordingly if you will.

Where the 'eck does the week go - seems like only seven days ago I posted the last flowerfriday photo - lol!!

For those wanting to do a bit of guessing in the WBBN quizzy thing day two (of my mission), take a look at the two extras and see if you know.

Yesterday's solution was Hastings/St Leonards-on-Sea - not quite sure where one begins and the other ends, to be honest.  
Seems the clock is a bit of a landmark as is the blue and white building in the background which, I am told, is supposed to be shaped like a boat!

Today, from me, you get a "webbed rose" ..... couldn't resist it in the early morning light.

Thank you to everyone for the comments and stars this week - and for your participation in the WBBN silliness.   Also thanks, in advance, for the FlowerFriday9 entries today - sprinkling will be done on Sunday all being well.

I look forward to seeing all the beautiful flowers again this week .....

~ Anni ~

Smile of the Day

A woman is driving the wrong way up a one way street.  A cop pulls her over and asks "Where are you going?"

"I'm not sure " replies the woman " but I must be late, everyone else is coming back!"

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