Yesterday, the web ......

 ........ today, the spider!

Altho' not the spider who spun yesterday's web - unless he/she is turbo-charged and managed to make it from Kent to Lincolnshire overnight!!!

Definitely more spidery detail on large.  Go on - you know you want to!!!

I don't have a dedicated macro lens so used my 18-105mm with a +4 close-up screw on lens ..... feeling quite proud of myself as I am actually scared of spiders and throw the girly screaming hab-dabs if one comes near me.

Speaking of yesterday - I don't have enough words to express my delight and thanks for all your wonderful comments, stars and myriads of hearts for my "cobweb and rose" in the FlowerFriday9 Challenge.

Since my Mum died, in June, I have felt an emptiness and lack of enthusiasm for photographing things (although I have managed a blip every day) - I haven't been depressed just very, very sad and rather despondent.   I introduced Mum to blip and it was something we often did together - we always commented on each others journals and I don't think we ever missed doing that.  Mum loved the community here as much as I do.  

Over the past 4 months your sympathy, empathy and kind words have carried me along - it really has helped - I want you all to know that.
Thank you.    

The reaction yesterday (putting me in square two of page one Popular in amongst some fantastic northern lights photos) has helped to give me a "boot up the backside" to try and be a bit more inventive again .....

It's been said before and it will be said again - the blip community is wonderful.  I am so happy to be here with such caring people.

~ Anni ~

BTW - yesterday's extra photos were taken in Tonbridge, Kent.  
Well done to Skeena (again) and tammiegirl (again)  



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