Derelict Thursday #3 ........

......... a (could be) beautiful house in the next village.

Better Bigger ....

All it needs is some TLC and a LOT of money spending on it!!

My entry today for SarumStroller's Derelict Thursday Challenge.

Up with the lark as I have a ''mini-mission'' today - the light was all wrong so had to do a one-click post-processing thingy which made it a little more interesting (in my eyes) ..... now I have to jump in the shower, get dressed (after I get out of the shower, of course) and await the arrival of my colleague to pick me up.

Have a thoroughly good Thursday and thank you for your comments and stars on my man in the misty morning yesterday :-))

~ Anni ~

Groan of the Day

Two men on a building site are arguing about who is the stronger.
The first man says: " I bet you a week's wages I can haul a load in this wheelbarrow that you'd never be able to lift off the ground "

" Okay " says the second man " you're on "

The first man grabs the handles of the barrow and says " Right - hop in "

(really bad I know but the best "slightly connected" joke I could come up with! Sorry)

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