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By creativelenna

Life with Lightning

Lightning is now over a year old, 16 months old in fact, but I still consider him a kitten! The thumbnail shows Lightning playing with his new favorite toy . . . a "cosmic catnip" soft fluffy lizard you can stuff with catnip. He just loves it. Well, he also likes to drop it into the dog's water bowl! Drowning it? Washing it? We don't know! He does this repeatedly. One of us will see it floating in the water bowl and retrieve it, squeeze the water out and dry it on the dish drainer. Last night while we were sleeping, Lightning rescued it from the dish drainer and had another play with it in another room! He is an indoor cat, so any activity running around the house & on the lanai is good for him. 

He stands on his back legs a lot when playing, like you see in the bottom middle photo with his mouse. It's pretty funny! He truly brings me a lot of joy. Steve enjoys playing with him too. They have a ritual before sleep, Steve puts a couple of socks on one hand and he & lightning have a bit of play fight. It's a male bonding thing I think! 

More photos of this photogenic cat of ours growing up are blipped here.
One of my faves is him "helping" me art journal HERE!

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