An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Spider Lashes...

When Alan was little he had the longest eyelashes I'd ever seen.   I don't notice them so much these days but when he was engrossed in a tv programme earlier, they caught my attention again and I grabbed my camera (sadly it had the wrong lens on it but I knew I didn't have time to change it or I'd have missed the shot) and bagged my blip.   

Warning and apologies....boring write up follows....

Oh dear, I  am becoming a tad obsessed with my Fitbit (or Gutbut as autocarrat changed it to when I texted David earlier and now we can't call it anything else :-)))  

It automatically logs how many calories I am burning so I thought I would start logging how many calories I'm consuming.  So far today I have burnt 2,258 calories and consumed 1,384.  This is good.  The biggest shocker thought was the number of calories in my lunch - mixed salad with hot smoked salmon fillet, avocado, tablespoon olive oil and balsamic vinegar followed by an apple, all very healthy but came to 808 calories!   

Luckily it was stir fry for dinner and that was a respectable 501calories and I probably used up 200 calories de-veining the tiger prawns.  Jeez that's a fun job!   

Last night's sleep data says I took 6 minutes to fall asleep, I slept for 6hr 36mins, was awake 3 times, restless 7 times and my combined awake/restless time lasted 25 minutes.  That equates to a good night :-)))

Having this info is interestingI but I can just tell I'm going to press the sleep mode button tonight and lie there feeling under severe pressure to be asleep in less than 6 minutes!

Watch this space!  :D 

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