All packed and ready to go

Last day today, we had to be at the airport for half one so we really just got time to check we hadn't left anything, go for a wee wander and grab a last coffee.

I got a few photos outside, but in the end I had to go for a shot of the apartment we were in. It was our first Airbnb experience and we got a big spacious 3 bedroom place with the highest ceilings I've ever seen, and the host Asnate was lovely.

Overall our first experience of the Azores was great. It was kind of off season and maybe not lively enough for the teenagers as a result, but Rz, my mum and I loved the relaxed pace of life and we'll definitely go back and explore more.

Our flight was just a wee bit delayed on the way home but getting out of Stansted was a nightmare. Our plane touched down at quarter to seven and we didn't get out the car park until about twenty to nine. Then we dropped my mum in Grantham before doing the long drive up the road.

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