By strawhouse

A Very Wet Yurt

My friend Miss K and I have finally made it up to Windermere tonight after what is one of the worst journeys I've ever had. I left my house at 2pm and arrived here at 9pm. Aaaaaggghhhhhh!!!!
Luckily we went to Tescos before setting off and bought some emergency provisions so we didn't starve en route. And the multiple stops at services also helped with that!!!
The journey was three hours of crawling along and stop-starting on the M6 followed by three hours of driving in the most horrendous, torrential rain I've ever seen. Hideous!
Oh and halfway here we had texts to say that the Great North Swim - the reason we're up here - has been cancelled on Saturday.....
We arrived in howling gales; struggled with combination padlocks in the rain and darkness; drove past our yurt and headed up steep woodland tracks before turning round and stumbling across it.
But we made it and it's fantastic!!
Our yurt is wonderful - like a cosy, beautiful Hobbit hole!
I was very proud of myself managing to light a fire - Mr K normally takes care of that sort of thing! And we made yummy cups of tea on the camping stove.
I love it!!!!!!
No internet, no phone signal no TV - just the sound of the stream thundering past and the rain hammering on the roof. Wonderful!

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