Life in a Northern Town

By kagsy

Day 140: Old Town Hall

The elevator shaft in the Old Town Hall Clock Tower in the centre of Prague. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie, and the views over Prague from the top are spectacular, almost worth the fisticuffs John almost got into when some people pushed into the queue! I walked to the top then realised the last bit involved climbing a spiral staircase that jutted out over the void - so I walked back down and took the lift.

We were up at 4, in Prague by 10am local time, and we have already sampled the local delicacy of a pastry chimney. A squillion calories. John has spent the entire time here exclaiming at the price of beer ( less than £1 a pint. We think. Struggling with the exchange rate for some reason).

We are in an enormous apartment  - very Eastern European and in a fabulous location right opposite the astronomical clock. I like it here. Very, er, Bohemian, Well duh.

I've given up trying to add extras. I'll Flickr them at some point.

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