My Life in Pictures

By PhillyStitcher

Day 4 on Ocracoke Island

2 miles down, 8 to go!

Hot and muggy. Mosquitoes. Getting too much sun.

We chose a route that slightly inclined along each side so it was sometimes not comfortable walking. But the route is very, very pretty with well-kept houses and well-manicured lawns, but there was a boatyard that was emitting strong fumes (tar? diesel gas?) that really lingered for about .25 of a mile. Ew. Ended the walk at the lighthouse.

Dinner was at Ocracoke Bar and Grill, which opened this year. I had shrimp kabobs and then stopped at the ice cream parlor for our cones. 

As it turned out, the signal from the cottage's WiFi is so poor that we've been unable to use the new Roku set so far. Newby has resorted to watching movies on his laptop, while I do needlepoint. Due to the weather, we are so exhausted we end up going to bed early, like 9:00 or 10:00 PM.

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