Craig Goch

Back in Leominster at the Eye Clinic with Tilly and her eyes...(they do go together).  Am at my wits end with the whole scenario!! Am doing every possible thing to try and ease her situation. For those not in the know she is a westie and has had an operation to put her mouth saliva ducts into her eyelids because of dry eye. Uninsured comes to mind at this point but we love her to bits so have done what we thought was right at the time. Very clever op and you think all might be well but it really isn't.  I am cleaning  out, wiping with various solutions, administering gels, tablets, antibiotics etc , going to examinations .....but I am a complete failure I cannot stop her getting infections and I cannot get it right! Our normal vet certainly can't and this is a last resort again...again.. What they didn't say is that because her eyes are wetter more dirt can stick. Sorry I could go on at length here but I won't. 'Thank goodness', .....I hear you sigh :) Hundreds of pounds lighter in the pocket at this point which I have to gently break to hubs this evening :/

So having driven all the way there this morning it seemed a good idea to carry on into Wales and check out the Elan Dams. Misty , overcast and miserable really but I did get a break and this is it!  The Craig Goch dam. The water in all the dams is exceptionally low so no waterfalls here but still there are autumn colours!

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