it's raining mangos

-or it seems like it is. Tropical Storm Debby has been with us the past few days wreaking havoc in some places very near where we live on the Gulf coast of Florida. The winds are still high today and yesterday it rained and rained and rained, but fortunately, we are okay. We have power, even though there were reports of 10,000 outages. There was very little rain today so I took advantage of that and went out with the dogs for a long walk today around the neighborhood. This is when I took the photo above. Just a few days ago most of those mangoes were still up in the tree!

Part of our walk took us down Riverview Boulevard where I could see the Manatee River and it looked alright to me. But it was not the same story on the Gulf of Mexico where I often drive. Many of the roads were flooded and some of the moored boats broke free and were smashed against the pier or simply overloaded with water and sunk. Very sad. Our boat Chelsea at my mom's dock filled with water, but Steven was able to siphon it out and raise it higher on the davits. The Sunshine Skyway bridge over Tampa Bay and a local bridge have been closed since yesterday due to high winds.

But it seems to to settling down here where we are, thank goodness. The winds are still blowing strongly, but I am feeling very grateful the rain has abated. And the dogs and I enjoyed our hour long walk!

I just blipped this colaborative project Steven and I are working on, from yesterday.

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