Monday already.  Finished last week off with a marathon meeting and started this week off with another marathon meeting and then had to find some time to do some work by deciding not to attend a further meeting before going to another meeting and then rushing off to meet TT to get the train home as it was parents evening at school.

This was our first proper meeting with Mr T and we were keen to meet with him following the book saga.  To give him credit he raised the issue and we had a discussion about it before we moved on to discuss BB.  I think we put the book saga down to his inexperience, and we both hope that he has learned something from it.  BB received an excellent report and we are delighted.  Mr T had asked the children to write down three things that they had enjoyed doing so far this year.  He shared BB’s with us - big writing (creative writing), doing his times tables and studying Rene Magritte!

In other news BB’s new trainers arrived today and he is over the moon.  He has taken them to bed with him.  He desperately needed them as his old pair are completely falling apart and he has been wearing an even older pair that are a couple of sizes too small!  These look like he has a job as a painter and decorator.

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