Second flowering

Warm, wet and windy but now getting chilly! These little Mexican daisies are having a second flowering nonetheless. Thanks to BikerBear for doing the business.

We've each had a useful day - son#1 doing the very last wedding edits, Himself hunting and gathering at Bantry market (very damp) and me making a list of all the holy wells in west Cork (it doesn't get more useful than that!). Yes, I want to visit everyone!

A wander around the garden and there seems to be an astonishing number of bird species out there- I felt like St Francis. A zephyr (yes really) of longtailed tits (Beachomber take note!) all twittering amongst the alder nuts; a charm of goldfinches, a host of little beige jobs, a spiral (!) of tree creepers, a princedom of very teeny goldcrests, and all the usual suspects  (bored of collective nouns now) - blue tits, great tits, wrens, chaffinches, greenfinches, robins and  the big birds -  rooks, magpies, jackdaws and hoodies and one very large heron. Plus Chirpy of course who flew onto my shoulder! He actually flew into the kitchen the other day when I was working on the computer and sat on my coffee cafetiere!

A full on day tomorrow so I will be backblipping. We're off to Cork city - first to attend the opening of my pals Robert and Finola's rock Art exhibition at the City Museum. Then on to Café Paradiso, the best vegetarian restaurant in the world, and the best restaurant in Ireland (official) - not remotely grand and in the student quarter but the food is incredible. And finally on to see the Dragon of Shandon parade! Phew!
So just to remind you now that the second Derelict Sunday is occurring this sunday and I'm expecting extra spookiness! Please tag DS2 or derelictsunday2. Some keen souls have already submitted pix.

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