Down the Orinoco?

Bright and breezy this morning, too nice to be in so we headed off to the Amazon Mizen . First stop Ballyrisode where the tide was way out and two small children were paddling. Perfect blonde sand and razorbill shells on this beach. Onward to Crookhaven for toasted cheese sandwiches and chowder for Himself and great views from the pub windows as squalls whizzed down the bay. Revived and the wind getting up, we then went on to Barley Cove - the most beautiful beach in the world accessed by a bouncy pontoon. It was wild - huge waves, glimmery sands, and just a handful of people and the odd dog (if you look at the extras, the little figure rushing off to the left was only wearing his pants and it was blowing a hoolie!). Red- legged choughs, sea holly and strange jellyfish - anyone any idea what they are (see extra). Possibly purple jellies, though some were definitely speckled. Even odder there were masses of bits of clear jelly - common jellyfish splattered by the waves?
I think my favourite pic for today is the one with the platinum shimmers but I haven't managed a abstract for youoregon1's challenge for ages so here it is - a view from space of the Orinoco?
Enjoy with a spot of Enya

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