Hello, I'm Autumn

Yes, I know it should be Kitchen Cove but I got distracted! We headed into Leap to see the Scarecrow Festival, part of the celebrations for Samhain/Halloween. There must have been about 60 or 70 scarecrows entered, for its a competition, some completely bonkers, all very inventive. It seems everyone from the Health Service to the local school to the bin men had made something. Some you had to look twice at to check whether they were real or not!  There were quite a few Donald Trumps, a BFG,  an old lady tied to the bus stop, a mermaid (not the bloodstains behind her!), a zombie baby in its high chair, an invisible man hitching, a nod to Banksy, various very macabre and scary things and this rather tasteful but alluring ode to Autumn. Himself has blipped one of the ones that made you look twice.

We then had lunch in the local pub. The festival committee, four extremely loud women, were debating, amongst many other things, which entry had won. I know the answer but my lips are sealed. Six very large blokes (looking remarkably like Himself's chap) were tucking into the most enormous lunches I have ever seen - roasts, and the potatoes were so abundant they arrived separately, four colossal offerings. The blokes were not saying much. It's not dull round here is it!

And it's DS54 tomorrow - just saying.

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