The Derelict Sunday theme this week is meant to be spooky. Not sure I've succeeded here for this little lodge house still looks too attractive, there is a witchy hat lurking outside though! I just love the windows. The big house is up a long drive but I didn't have time to sneak up there.

I enjoyed the extra hour's sleep and then had a very pleasant catch up with TJ over scones and croissants, hearing alll about her holiday on Lanzarote. Leap sweeping, bramble clearing round the polytunnel, and a last mow of the grass completes the picture. It's very mild.

Himself has just told me that all the scarecrows from yesterday will be burnt in a colossal bonfire. That seems a shame for yes, pasued, I fancy those wellies and himself was after the trenchcoat worn by the phantom hitchhiker! The winner incidentally was an enormous metal bird with a huge eyeball in its beak, not really a scarecrow more the crow!

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