A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Tamakander, son of Tamarand

Today saw a Naming Ceremony for the dragon.  This had come up as a fun suggestion between us and friend and celebrant Maggie Forrest, but by the time Maggie had developed the occasion it carried rather more depth.  We'd invited neighbours and our business network and we had a rather good time.  Weather was a bit cool, but thankfully stayed dry.

The dragon's full name is Tamakander, son of Tamarand, Watcher of the Lower Gardens and Scourge of the Binding Weed.

So, not "Tim".  Apologies to who suggested that one :)

The full back-story to the name is a bit long for here but I'll put it on the website at some point.  It derives from a Wiki entry on t'internet so it Must Be True

Maggie had added in a declaration which we were very pleased to commit to:

"We stand before you all today and make a declaration of our commitment to be guardians and stewards of the Dell House and its grounds.  

We will continue to bring them back to life and find the beauty and tranquillity within them.  We also commit to sharing the peace and glory of these surroundings with all those who pass through our gates. 

Tamakander is a symbol of this commitment."

Then we dusted off a bottle of champagne.

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