Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Still going strong!

I guess this should be read in conjunction with this.

I hadn't read last years' journal entry until today and have been reminded that this year again, during SweetArt's visit, G coped much better -stamina-wise - than me! She continues in excellent health and is still very much in full-time work; leaving home at 6:30 in the morning and sometimes not getting back till 6 in the evening, and going pretty much non-stop in between! In fact, she has recently signed up to help with the Awana group at church where they play outdoor games at the start of each session.

I haven't done my usual breast cancer facts and figures this year but here is a really great site with lots of information. I hope you get time to browse it. I am still in awe at the huge leaps and bounds that have been made in diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the afternoon was spent going through the medicine cabinet and throwing out things that have expired. Glad that there hasn't been much demand for the contents of it for quite a while! Lots got chucked out. And now, I must get to bed as I have another early start tomorrow. Lucky G, she has an extra day off. :)

I really hope you will continue to click on this link every day. Apparently, it takes 99,000 clicks to donate 2 free mammograms as evidenced on this page.

I must say a huge THANK YOU to so many of you who blipped pink during October. Not an easy task at all, and some of you totally outside your comfort zone, but you stuck it out to the end. A suggestion by Tigg made back in 2012, and now a great challenge for an important and worthy cause.

And today, we went to Ace Hardware to have a broggle, Hyper Panda to do a bit of a shop, then to Carluccio's for lunch and finally finished the weekly shop before getting home and continuing with weekend catch up stuff.

And this is my 1,300th entry. :D

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