An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A Vampire, a Witch and a She-Devil...

Knocked on the door this evening with Frankenstein and a Fairy-witch in tow.   I made them ring my Hallowe'en doorbell (I almost wet myself with fright the first time I pressed it!  :-)) then we spent a happy hour being entertained by their increasingly energetic performances of the Monster Mash (fuelled by fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate!) 

They then played our piano and posed for me in the Black Velvet Chair before heading off into the night to scare the rest of the neighbourhood.  

Alan's support worker Gill has put so much effort into making sure Alan had a fun Hallowe'en (he doesn't normally bother about it)   They went to Tesco on Wednesday and chose a huge pumpkin and carved it onto a Minion.  

She also decorated his bedroom and promised she would bring her daughter-in-law, two granddaughters and their friend to our house when they were out guising (In Scotland you go out guising not Trick or Treating) and she did.  And a hilarious time was had.  

I had planned to paint David's head as a pumpkin but he managed to evade that humiliation.  Ed was here too and looked more like a matador than the devil he was meant to be but the best bit was the veins hanging out of Gill's Frankenstein's legs.   

More pics in extras :-))

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