Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

To Infinity and beyond

A Grand Day Out.

Up early to drive down to that London in the recently reprieved Peugeot to collect M and his remaining stuff from Putney. He'll be commuting until he gets another flat after Christmas.
M was in a bad mood because his flatmates hadn't done much on their day off. They had been supposed to finish packing their stuff. And arrange a Parking Permit for me...

So, after parking illegally whilst we filled the car to the brim, I had a tour of Putney looking for parking. The best that I could get was a pay and display with a 4 hour maximum. Paying for it involved two phone calls and a text.

M left his flatmates instructions on dealing with the cleaners and we set off to meet C at the Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum. We just had time to walk and so we did. Across the river and through Fulham and past Stamford Bridge, which was surrounded by a stream of blue shirts.

The exhibition was very good but not as big as I had expected, would have spent more time reading the labels etc.

Spent a quick half an hour looking round the rest of the museum - Apollo 10 module! 2CV! - and then it was time to tune it back to Putney as the car parking ran out. Parked illegally outside the flat whilst we loaded M's bike onto the car. Narrowly avoided a parking ticket when the nice traffic warden let me off. Then left C and M to deal with the inventory lady whilst I drove back. By the time they got home on the train, I had put most of the stuff away. Well, piled up a lot of IKEA bags in H's room.

And I've got a cold!

Pic shows C going underground...

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