Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A visit to Cambridge

When we left home at about 11am this morning it was still very foggy, but after a while the fog lifted and it became a beautiful sunny day. Thomas and I went to visit Adam in Cambridge and we planned to arrive in time for lunch - I knew Adam had been at a Halloween party the night before and would not be rising early! It was lovely to see him again and to catch up on his news and what he thinks of university life so far.

We had lunch in town, and I quickly snapped this photo of Trinity College as we walked to the restaurant. Trinity College is well known for being the top ranking college academically - it has had 32 Nobel prize winners out of the 91 won from members of Cambridge University, and has some very notable alumni including Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Byron and six British prime ministers.

After lunch we walked to John Lewis as I had ordered a small fridge for Adam for his room. I was expecting to be told to go to the collection depot downstairs with the car, but no, I had to pick it up from the collect counter. Pick up a small fridge? Luckily Adam is rather strong so he carried the fridge out the store for me, and then I was planning on fetching the car from the car park, but no, Adam carried the fridge all across town to the car park! Those gym sessions have come in use after all.

I thought I have seen every possible trick by a busker or mime artist, but I had not seen a musician playing from inside a garbage bin! See my extra photo.

We went back to his room where he had to finish off some Chemistry work to be handed in today, while Thomas and I unpacked the fridge and tried to tidy his room (!)

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare as there was thick fog all the way home with very poor visibility, and also bad traffic congestion and so my silly Satnav redirected me all over the Cambridgeshire countryside past every tiny village possible on roads with a 30 mile per hour speed limit - it took us an hour longer than expected to get home again.

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