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Mono Monday: Time

"I wonder how long it took the spider to make this web?"

"When did I last clean the car?"

"If I try to rescue the spider and put it somewhere else, will I be on time for my appointment?"

"If I leave the spider to its own devices, have I got time to grab the camera and take a couple of photos?"

"What kind of monster would photograph a web rather than saving the spider?"

This kind of monster, apparently.

Today's Happy iPod Driving Music: Samson, which is my second-favourite Regina Spektor song. My favourite is Rejazz, which works rather well for the theme of Time.

Many thanks to GoranZebuhr for hosting Mono Monday this month. The entries for this week can all be found here.

Oh - I need to remind you macro maniacs that tomorrow is Tiny Tuesday. Please publish your close-up or macro shots with the tags tinytuesday, tinytuesday23 and tt23. On Wednesday/Thursday I'll be awarding five hearts to my favourite images of the week.

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