Wisteria Snow Showers

This morning my friend wanted me to come over and see her wonderful Wisteria in flower. Just as I got there the rain started. I managed to get a few shots in the rain. After a coffee and a chat we went out again to look around the garden and once again the rain started. It wasn't heavy just cold and damp. I was given a few Silverbeet plants which planted in my garden as soon as I got home.

When I was having my lunch the Lawyer rang to say the settlement documents for my house were ready to sign. Seeing I am going to be out all day tomorrow I went over this afternoon and got that done. The Insurance assessor come around just before to pick up the documents and I should have the money in my bank by the end of next week. Five years and two months later it is at last settled...What a relief !

They say we are in for a frost tonight. It just feels like winter at the moment. Pleased I don't have my tomato plants in yet!

About Wisteria

'Wisteria Snow Showers' is the name of my friends Wisteria and it looks stunning in full flower with long drooping racemes up to 50cm long of fragrant white blooms. 

Wisteria, is also called Wistaria, genus of twining, usually woody vines, of the pea family (Fabaceae), mostly native to Asia and North America but widely cultivated in other regions for their attractive growth habit and beautiful profuse flowers. The alternate leaves are pinnately compound (feather formed). The flowers, which grow in large, drooping clusters, are blue, purple, rose, or white
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