By LadyYakAlot

Date with the Meerkat

Since buying my car insurance through ‘compare the nice furry’ I have become eligible for 2-for-1 tickets at the cinema on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. So as a ‘date night’ we decided to go to the see the new James Bond preceded by a bite to eat.

Had a lovely pasta meal at Frankie & Bennys before going to collect our tickets at the cinema, which is light up at night by the blue sparkly ball! It is just so easy to book on-line, reserve your seat and then to turn up, seat the Q-code and collect the tickets … simples!! But on looking at my ticket I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that one of them was for ‘Meerkat’ (been called many things but never a meerkat) - see extra photo!
Film was good but it’s not really my sort of film! I enjoyed the Rome scenes and obviously shots of Daniel Craig (shallow female!) but the OTT fight / action scenes don’t do it for me!! However hubby enjoyed it, but not as much as Skyfall … maybe controversial??!!

Looking forward now to what’s coming up for my next date with a Meerkat … Bridge of Spies looks good ….

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