Another terrible night with Miss E. She was whimpering and crying through the night and then came into us at about 5am. And whimpered and cried a bit more.
I eventually got up just before 6am.
Leaving Mr K to try and get her to take some Ibuprofen. 
Or - as her monumental overreaction would have you believe - trying to kill her.
I wanted to take her back to the dentist she wanted to go to school so she could go swimming.
Against my better judgement she went to school. 
After an hour school rang me. She had got upset and gone to get medicine from the secretary. But she still wanted to go swimming!
I spent the rest of the day unable to settle, checking my phone and waiting for the call.
Which came at 1pm. She'd had enough.
Straight to the dentists for another sit and wait emergency appointment.
Despite having important meetings and being an hour away and really not being able to get away from work, Mr K knew how much I dreaded going back in with Miss E and he came back so I didn't have to.
Next time I'm moaning about Mr K and nagging and complaining I need to remember today. I don't know what I'd do without him.
We had a pleasant hour and a half in the waiting room. I was more prepared than on Monday and taken my very special colouring book and pencils for her and a Sudoku book to pass the time. We chatted to our fellow patients in the waiting room and drank tea and cappuccino which I popped to Waitrose for.
Eventually she was called in so off she went with Mr K. Barely five minutes later they were out again!
I get a half hour from hell and Mr K gets five minutes of model patient behaviour!!!
The dentist was different - a lovely woman apparently. Miss E was very brave and grown up.
She now has antibiotics for an infected gum. Fingers crossed they get to work quickly!
The last few nights have been so awful and Miss E looks like death so I did something tonight with her which I haven't done for years. I got her into her nightie, cleaned her teeth (thoroughly!) and then took her out in the car to fall asleep. She was asleep before we'd been gone five minutes!!
It's 10pm and she's been asleep for over three hours. 
Let's hope we all have a better night!

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