Gate Post

I dropped off Miss L at school this mornign while Mr K took Miss E to the dentist. An emergency appointment for agonising pain. A chipped tooth, inflamed and infected gums. Another filling.
Her teeth are nothing but trouble.
I couldn't face taking her again so Mr K stepped in. It sounded grim so I'm glad I missed it.
I went to Tescos to get ingredients for my spicy frijolemole dip to take to the Slimming World taster session tonight.
Came home and made it. Yum!
Went to my school to find out one of my boys has left. He was from a traveller family and I had half expected him to disappear at some time. It's so sad - he can't read or write at all and doesn't know his numbers but he was so keen and eager to learn. What a start in life to miss out on any meaningful schooling.
So I listened to a new child who was much more what I had expected the volunteering to be. Obviously behind where they should be but able to sound out words and falteringly making it through a book. And looking so pleased!! Brilliant!
From there it was a dash home to change, to school for the Little Misses and to Bicester for Fat Club.
I lost a pound which is ace. Only six more to go.....
My mum and dad were nominated for Mr Sleek and Miss Slinky awards and my mum won!! She was chuffed to bits and it's well deserved - she's lost over six stone since January. Amazing.
And there was tons of yummy food to scoff!

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