Dead Stalks

Our garden is full of dead stalks and rotting apples!
And the inside is in a bit of a post half term state as well. Just the day for a property inspection which I'd forgotten about until this morning. Oops!
I just had time between school and pilates to quickly - and pretty ineffectually - hoover round.
God knows what she thought - it's a complete tip!
Pilates was great. I missed the last two weeks because of half term so it was good to be back. Although I think it'll be a little painful tomorrow!
Then it was to Mrs L's for an afternoon of chatting, drinking tea and planning Christmas. Praline Brownie Cake anyone?!!!
I was dreading picking Miss E up this afternoon. The other day for the first time ever - and after several warnings - I told her that her terrible behaviour meant she wasn't going to gymnastics and McDonalds.
She'd been whinging about it being so unfair that I wouldn't let her have sweets at swimming and saying I never let her have anything she wants.
I said I'd start taking things away and perhaps she'll realise how much she gets.
Her tantrum ended up with her charging up to me and hitting me so she lost gymnastics.
I think she thought I wouldn't follow through but I did. Today was the day.
She did her classic denial when I picked her up - didn't mention it, came home and did her reading and spellings, got in the bath without a fuss and went to bed.
We'll have to see if next time the threat of taking something away is enough to get her to control herself.
Although her new annoying tactic is saying I can't be good/I don't know how to stop/I can't help it
It's not easy this parenthood lark.

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