Garden Step

After I'd dropped the Little Misses off I bumped into a mum who was a bit teary having dropped her daughter in Reception. Does it make me a terrible mother that I practically bounced out of the door, looking forward to a day of peace and relaxation after two weeks of holidays?!!
It felt odd this morning to get up and be almost ready to go. Most unusual!
Long may it last......
Miss E was particularly ridiculous about brushing her teeth and spent fifteen minutes shrieking in the bathroom so we didn't get to school at 8.30am as she'd wanted. But on the plus side, at least we weren't late!
Once I'd dropped them off I headed to the gym and spent an hour huffing and puffing on the bike and treadmill. And laughing out loud at Frasier which probably made me seem like a loon. It's like laughing on a plane watching a film that no one else is!
Then I did ten minutes of contortions on the Power Plate followed by lots of reps with 3kg weights.
Then I took three bags of clothes to the charity shop. They had been earmarked for the Rag Man but sadly he no longer collects from my house and they've been cluttering up my bedroom for months.
Then I popped to see my dad in the shop.
Then I came home feeling smug at all my activity and slumped on the sofa eating omelette and catching up with EastEnders.
I did manage a bit of tidying up before the usual Monday chaos of pick up, swimming, dinner and bed.
But not much!

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