There are currently hundreds of apples rotting on our lawn. Nice.
I really do need to get out there and do something with them but I'm succumbing to the annual shut-the-door-in-November-and-open it-again-in-March denial!
The Little Misses were back at school today. It has felt like they were on holiday for months! Ordinarily I struggle a bit in the holidays but I loved this one - we did so much and everyone was very lovely on the whole.
That said, I did have a happy smile on my face as I skipped back to the car after dropping the Little Misses off!
My first day to myself for a fortnight was spent dusting, tidying, sorting and battling to get the house back into some kind of order. I filled bags for the charity shop (having finally given up on the car boot I meant to do all Summer!), filled a box for the dump, filled a box for eBay, filled another bag for the Rag Man and put quite a lot of things back where they should be.
I had a well earned break at lunchtime when Mrs C and Baby C came round for lunch and then carried on until it was time to go and get the Little Misses (via the post office and the charity shop.)
I'm off to Pilates now. A day spent hoovering the ceiling and walls, packing things into boxes and dusting every piece of furniture in sight has hopefully limbered me up a bit and I won't be such an old woman as I was last week.

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