Remember, Remember...

My Gran made it impossible for us to forget her birthday! She died in 1986 but I think about her every year. Whilst I've been blipping I've always thought that, if there were no fireworks I would blip her perfume bottle which my mum still had, or so I thought!

I told my mum not to throw this bottle out while she was trying to clear her bungalow. I knew I wanted it. Well it took until today, when I picked it up, unscrewed the cap and smelt it, to realise that this was not the bottle. I suddenly had a memory of a bottle of similar height but in the shape of a ship's decanter. 

I think my mum might have got this along with other Coty toiletries, when her sister died, I will put it away and keep it, just to smell and remember.

L'Aimant - The Magnet!

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