A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Mud & Holes

Something like 1000 bricks are now laid in a neat curve to form the front face of the terrace.  I commented the other day about the unexpected drop (it's 2 courses at one end and 7 at the other, to get the top level).  

This photo really is vertical.

Meanwhile, I was digging through Unexpected Humps with the ManSpade - surprise, surprise, yet more dumped building waste from some past project on the house.  Interesting, some of this ought to be dateable (empty pots of stuff, still with readable barcodes) - curious to find out exactly who regarded the garden as nothing more than a big waste bin.

Still, it provided another ton of hardcore for the pat.. terrace.

Unfortunately this needed barrowing uphill.

Also felled some more laurel, and dug out the roots.

A bit tired now.

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