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Helping Damsels in Distress

This morning we went into Cambridge quite early as my husband had an appointment with the Apple shop to sort out a problem with his computers. I went into John Lewis and bought a ‘Christmas Spice’ candle for our daughter, (not for Christmas) just because she likes them. Then as it was raining I went into the Green Company Café to wait for my husband. I did not have to wait long, I was just about to order my second cup of coffee when he appeared. We had coffee together and he had cake! Then we bought some flowers for our daughter and intended to come home. However, we stopped to get some keys cut, they would take half-an-hour so we did some more shopping, but they were not ready,  so we went back to Greens for a sandwich and coffee, before collecting the keys. Then I tripped over on a pavement stone, which was a little higher than the others. I was more concerned that the flowers might get damaged, so my husband rescued them before me. Another man came to help too, which was nice.
We caught the bus to Addenbrookes to collect my husband’s new contact lens and then waited to catch the Park and Ride bus. Two were suddenly cancelled, disappearing from the destination board, and it appeared that we would have to wait twenty-five minutes so we decided to walk; two buses then passed us! We visited our daughter on the way home, after calling in at Tesco to purchase some batteries, which we seem only able to be able to purchase from Tesco.
Today’s picture shows my husband helping three girls, one girl’s bicycle chain had come off and they did not have much idea about putting it on again. My husband released the back wheel, they put the chain on and he re-tightened the wheel; he still managed to get oily!
An eventful day, but then it is Friday 13th!
Later this evening

I was not able to post this earlier as the site was down and then another Friday 13th event took place. I often sit on the stairs when I speak with our daughter on the telephone. Suddenly Florence was scratching and kicking my back, behind me on the stairs. She has a habit of walking along the upstairs bannisters and had fallen over the edge! Fortunately she has not hurt herself, having broken her fall on my back. She has now gone to bed in the bedroom she shares with Dougal after eating her bedtime treats.

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