An early start to the day as my turn finally came around for a flu vaccination. There were a lot of people in the surgery, most of them there for the flu clinic. I did not have to wait long, about ten minutes or even less, then I was in the nurse’s room for at the most a minute, I think more likely less.
After the torture I felt I deserved a coffee and fruit tart. No luck in John Lewis as regards the fruit tart, I think I was too early.
Yesterday prior to the arrival of storm Abigail I expected the sea to be quite rough. Possibly due to the wind direction, but also possibly because the storm passed over very quickly, the sea seemed quite calm. The photograph shows the pilot vessel heading out to a ship, passing another smaller vessel on the way out. Smaller ships are not required to have a pilot on board as they enter the harbour.

It may not have been windy while I was out but it was certainly a lot colder.

A relief when I found Blip had returned, I did wonder if we had lost it earlier.

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