A lot of water

River Eamont Part 24

This is not strictly the next stage in the journey of the Eamont, but it is certainly part of its story. The River Eamont is prone to flooding and today it was in great form!
After all the rain over the last couple of days, water will have been gathering in the hills around Ullswater and flowing down at a great rate into the Lake. As the water level in the Lake rises, the huge amount of water flows out into the Eamont, its only outlet.
So it becomes a huge and fast-flowing river and breaks its banks in many places. Compare this picture with the same scene in August.
You can see here the river coming in from the right of the picture and the water hitting the bank where the sheep are with great force. You can imagine how fast and furious the water was flowing under the old bridge where I was standing. Compare the extra picture, taken looking the other way towards the A66 bridge, with this quiet scene!
Through the day, I have been tracking the Environment Agency water levels at Eamont Bridge. This morning they reached the dangerous, flooding is possible, level of 1.74 metres, but it seems to be subsiding now.


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