By shropsiren

Culture overload

Who'd have thought there would be so much culture in the Kenyan Rift Valley. Toady I was invited to the opera, yes that wasn't a typo, the opera came to Gilgil, they are currently doing a tour around Kenya and Tanzania, and one of the stop offs was in this small town. The performance was of the Magic Flute and was held  in the theatre at the local international school. The auditorium had concrete seating so we had to take our own cushions to sit on. It certainly wasn't the Royal Opera House, but they put on an superb performance despite the dodgy set decoration.  I have to say I was impressed. This evening I went back to the same school to go to the evening church service, to watch 20 or so of our Restart orphanage children take part in a choir service in conjunction with children from the prep school. The power went out half way through the performance so the keyboard went silent. (power cuts are a regular occurance several times a day here). However the children remained very professional and continued singing without missing a note. They sounded beautiful. The five of us who went to watch our children were moved to tears. The prep school children and the Restart children are from backgrounds at the opposite and of the spectrum, it was lovely to see them coming together as one. Another great performance. It was my first voluntary visit to church since I was about  15 years old (that was a Remeberance Service when I was a cadet) not including weddings, funerals and work related visits of course. I haven't been converted so don't expect to see me in church for another 20 years at least. 
I spent some time at Restart this morning making several videos for various projects I have ongoing for the website. This also involved singing.
So all in all a busy day with lots of singing, it made me quite jealous as I can't hold a tune!

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