It was a bit dreich. Gey dreich, even. That didn't stop me from heading out to do a bit of boatie stuff. I knew one battery was flat but the other would barely turn the engine over. Bah. Off to the wee lockup with them, to put them on the charge. Next weekend then... tbc.
So after that it was up to visit the old wandered maw; same old stories; she doesn't know where she is, or how she's going to get home. We went through her cheap jewellery box - the only stuff she now has from her former life, and I asked her where various pendants were from. And she told me such nonsense: how her gardener had made one at night school. Apparently there was one that I'd made - a geometric modern piece from the 60s. But it was enjoyable enough to pick through them, whilst helping her to a Tunnocks tea cake and occasionally wiping her mouth.
Then home, and a relaxing evening catching up with some left over TV, left over venison sausages, and finally the papers, with what is left over of the weekend.

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