LPH Blippers Week - Day 5
The indications for best weather was on the Solway Coast despite very strong winds. Our first stop was Allonby Bay where the low tide meant we could get out and photograph the mussel beds.
I’ve been to this coast twice before on LPH Holidays. The first time I got some great shots but dunked my camera in a pool of water at St Bees. Last year at Allonby Bay I smashed my 28-300mm lens on the concrete before any photographs were taken. I was hoping not to repeat these events or any other kind of disaster. I shouldn’t have worried, the place does not actually have curse on it. The conditions were great even with that strong wind.

After lunch we travelled a few miles up the coast to Beckfoot, an area of sand dunes, marram grass and rickety fences. It also has a lovely view north towards the Scottish coast.

There are a couple of extras if I can load them.

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