By Viewpoint

Ideas and experiments

A second day for me at Hot Bed press and a day for experimenting with backgrounds.  .  It feels good to be getting a feel back for printmaking again.   I wish I'd done this a bit more systematically before and taken photographs to record what background  I'd placed under the main figurative image so I could repeat a version if I wanted to.  (It's not been a great time for thinking things through.)  For some reason my digital experiments in photoshop resulted in a change of colour from green to purple and I particularly like this colour combination.  As it happens I know there is another pot of printing ink ready mixed that the owner no longer wants.  I can't wait until next Monday to try it out.

An horrendous journey home with a delays and cancellations.  I left the studio at 3.30pm and finally arrived home at ten to seven.  I can do without that happening too often.

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