Village Clock Photo

Started the morning tidying up the layout of the Parish Community Newsletter and then took a detour into the village on our way to Stocksbridge to collect some framed prints.  The Barnsley Chronicle had promised to send a photo showing the people involved  in the installation of the new clock, the benefactor, owner of the hairdressers, the representatives from the Parish Council,  but so far it hasn't materialised.  This was intended as a substitute as the deadline for publication is Monday and my deadline is today.

We did manage to collect my framed pictures and I'm sure Mark was pleased to get rid of the very big one from behind his desk and also to take some money for them.  The big one was very expensive but he's done a lovely job.  We just need to get it up on the wall now.  We didn't manage to call in to sort out my specs as the Christmas parking rush has started already in Fox Valley.

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