Budding Bibliophile

Another sun-filled day - but oh-so-cold...(it actually snowed a bit last night). Good group this morning, with examens from most absent members, even the ones in Sri Lanka.

Extras of walk down Newhall, and fleeting capture of kingfisher.

And if you want to know whether you're a bibliophile, see here.

(Just realised, from Chrissel, Jan and Larchlea, that have completed 3 years - so, to celebrate, have changed my avatar, which have been meaning to do for ages. As ever, a huge thanks to my Blip Mum, Ham5son, and my Blip GrandMum, Bulliblips - what would my life be like without Blip??? Do still wonder sometimes whether I give it too much space in my life, but on the whole, continue to think it's a definite "give life" for me.)

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