More rain stopped play.

After CC's Blip - just for fun I thought I'd check exactly where, on the road, she shot it from.
My usual system is to drop that little yellow bloke onto the road about "there" and "drive/walk" around the area.
BEFORE anybody tells me "Streetview©" shots are NOT current, I'm fully aware, but I can still look at the area any time, with the bonus that it's ALWAYS daytime.

Except that, by an unaccountable freak circumstance, I couldn't on this occasion.
I was so gobsmacked/amused I took a shot to show, clearly, that the road is untraversable by virtual means at the moment.

Even more curious: there is ONE point, on the Greystoke to Penrith road, where I could "land" and peer about, but could NOT travel in either direction.
Came back, 18 months later to mark the road, and point, in question.

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