Sunday Evening

Remember as a child, you never wanted the end of the weekend to come.

The final play with your toys before bedtime was always dominated by the thought of school the next morning. I liked school but I still preferred the weekends.

Today we have been at the house doing more things. I released the acro-props that have been up since last weekend and the good news is nothing came crashing down. I also took down the wood work that held the pad stone concrete bases together.

I started the brick laying above the downstairs front window lintel upto the upstairs window sill, I'm about halfway done now. We also had another fire to get rid of more wood and claire removed a lot of plaster from the wall along the stairs.

This weekend is the first time it's felt proper cold in the house and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse, I'll just have to work harder.

We finished off as we lost light and returned to Claire's house for an evening with her sisters Godson Tyler. He's really into lego and colouring in at the moment but what child of 6 isn't.

Hope ya'll have had a fab weekend

Mr Bo Hingles

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