Capital adventures

By marchmont

Never underestimate a woman of 60

Fraught day!  The first appointment was with J, which took an hour longer than estimated.  That meant it was nearly 1 before I got back which meant I was behind packing.  Little enthusiasm there and I was so tired.  The plan was to leave at 2, but that slid to 2.30.  Then I had a round and back again as I'd forgotten my tooth brush.  Traffic was slow as I drove round the bypass. About two thirds of the way round I realised I'd forgotten my jacket so back round, again!  By this time it was after 4 and of course dark after 5.  I missed the turning to get back down to the A811 after Stirling so that went a windy journey from Thornhil.  Dark and slow.

A detour round Drymen and then the junction to the house wasn't signposted it and so, like everyone else I missed it, twice.  It was after 6 before I got to the gathering just before L and C arrived in the taxi from the airport.

But there were friends and fizz and canapes and more fizz and formal dressing and a lovely meal and birthday cake and finally fireworks!  I've known Y for over 36 years and she still looks great.

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