Lit up

I bought a black waterproof cycling jacket.  Not the best choice of colour, I know. But, half price and the only choice in my size didn’t leave many options.  To compensate, I’ve lit myself up from head to heel like a flashing festive fir. 

I think I’m pretty visible.  

The only trouble is, when I got back from my ride today, a couple of them had behaved like Christmas lights, randomly switching themselves off. Maybe I need to get some more!

It was a great ride and particularly satisfying given the last time I tried this route, I needed to pause on the hill from Silsden to West Morton and had two punctures, catching the train home. None of that was required today and I halved the length of the outing.

I made up for time gained in my newly adopted field, waiting for the sunshine on this hawthorn bush.  And waiting.  And waiting.

And waiting.

I thought I’d have trouble removing the colour as the light was glowing beautifully when the sun finally made an appearance.  But, in the end, I prefer it in mono.

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