Last night was a lovely evening with our old neighbours, S&J.  It wasn't an early finish but with the forecast of FOG FOG SUN SUN, who wouldn't jump out of bed at 7am?

After walking up the hill in the crisp, still air under gently raining leaves, we had a lovely tour of the moor. Little Dog found herself a boyfriend (although I think he was keen to be anybody's!) Chatting and walking with his dad for a while made an enjoyable change before we headed our separate ways at the hut.

The warmth, calm and sunshine was wonderful but it was distinctly cool dropping back into the valley again.  Rich had already headed out on his bike with Steve.  With the sun too good to miss, I followed suit.  Not really focusing on which way I was going, I took a route I wasn't planning on but, as it turned out, I met the boys on their way back to Otley so I hitched a ride on the back.

It's been a fabulous day.  

Now, how much vitamin C to take to get rid of a disturbing tickle in the back of the throat?

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