Fleeting glimpse

The sunlight wasn't around for long but this robin posed for us at just the right moment.  

Quick write-up as it's Planet Earth 2 that I'm missing...

I've been looking forward to going back to the Salami & Co coffee shop since Tuesday and wasn't disappointed today on our return.  I've bought some winter tyres for my bike and the rest of the afternoon has been spent finishing my blip book.  On pressing order, I noticed the error that I was expecting to spot which just made me chuckle (there's a time when I would have spent another hour uploading it but not anymore.)  I also think I've discovered an easier way to create the book if I add the title of my blip to the photo in Lightroom - should be much quicker next time if I remember to do it! Black Friday is great when you've got something you really need to buy.

I met the lady with the bonfire today who asked whether the photo had come out OK.  I've since emailed the link and she's discovered a few photos of her family, animals and fields in my journal. I may have even hooked her husband into joining the daily addiction!  (Welcome to Blip, if you read this!)

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