Our Latest New Bad Habit

As if we needed another bad habit!

Last month, there was a sale at Sam's Club, and my husband came home with a bunch of stuff. Among them was one surprise that wasn't on the list: a box containing FOUR cans of cinnamon rolls. To be more specific: Pillsbury Flaky Supreme Cinnamon Rolls with Butter Cream Icing. With the discount, each can (which makes 8 cinnamon rolls) cost a bit more than a dollar.

They're the easy-peasy kind. You know. You heat the oven up to 375 degrees F, open the can (you used to whack it on the cupboard, but these days a firmly placed spoon to the seam will do it), unroll them, evenly space them on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, and bake them for 10 minutes.

When the cinnamon rolls come out of the oven, you ice them, and the icing melts and drips down over the cinnamon roll. Included in the can is a tiny container of icing which is really good stuff, but there is somehow NEVER enough of it.

Every time I've ever made these kinds of cinnamon rolls in my entire life, I've always wished for more frosting. And of course, my husband, cinnamon fanatic that he is, always wants more cinnamon and brown sugar than anybody normal ever provides.

So you know what? Now that we're adults, we do whatever we want! I do the standard thing: heat the oven, grease the cookie sheet, roll out the rolls. But I mix together an extra quarter-cup or so of brown sugar and cinnamon, and I spread that all over the tops of the rolls before baking.

And you know what else? I bought an extra whole container of Pillsbury cream cheese icing - because I'm an adult, you understand, and I can do whatever I want! - and I slather it on after I use up all of the icing that's provided! Yeah, that's us. #AdultingLikeA4YrOld

Oh, and I went back to Sam's and bought FOUR MORE boxes. (Don't ask me how many we have left.) And so it was that we enjoyed an easy batch of cinnamon rolls on this day.  They were, for the record, delectable. Better than they ought to be.

And who was it who got into the fridge late at night for just a little bit more icing for her cinnamon roll? It's a well-kept secret that you know I'LL NEVER TELL!!!!

The song to accompany this photo of a fresh (but easy) cinnamon roll slathered with brown sugar, cinnamon, and extra icing is one of my early 1980s favorites: Air Supply, with Sweet Dreams.

Sweets to the sweet! And now . . . Mangia!

From the same girl who brought you the late-night toasted cheese sandwich frenzy. Yeah, that's me!     :-)

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